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Insurance Types

Please take a moment and browse the various types of insurance we offer. Request A Quote now!

Vehicle Insurance
It doesn’t matter how old or new your car or truck may be, you still need insurance. Even it is parked for months at a time, you may need some comprehensive to cover your vehicle while it is not being driven. Take a moment and find the information you need today.
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Home & Property Insurance
Insurance protection is not just for your home but also for your personal belongings. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have coverage against liability claims, homeowners insurance protects you in a number of ways. Please remember that the wording and what is covered may vary within these general categories from one insurance company to another.
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Business & Commercial Insurance
Protects you from losses that are a threat to the financial health of your organization. Therefore, commercial insurance is an important element of a sound plan of operations. Let our office help you find the right insurance to meet your business needs. Choosing the correct type of business insurance can provide peace of mind in both your personal and business lives.
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Recreational Insurance
Coverage for your ATV insurance, snowmobile insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV or travel trailer insurance.
We can tailor coverage for your favourite activities, you only pay for what you need.
Life Insurance
What’s in your future? Do you dream of buying a house or starting your own business. Perhaps there are educational opportunities you want to give your children or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that you’d like to enjoy. Are you concerned with providing your family with adequate protection should you die prematurely.
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Farm Insurance
Farming isn’t like other business. Eady Insurance brokers believe in giving you many options for your farm insurance, allowing you to build a plan that is specific to your situation without adding coverage you don’t need.
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Health & Travel Insurance
Enhance your ability to address medical conditions when they arise. We can help you identify important reasons to purchase health insurance before you’re affected by an unforeseen illness, accident or injury. Travelling soon? A small stipend of insurance to cover your upcoming trip may be exactly the saving grace you will need in an unplanned and unexpected situation. Be smart and be prepared. In less than 30 minutes you will have your Travel Insurance ready-to-go!
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